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強大的媒體播放器 Zoom Player MAX 14.5 Build 1450 中文多語免費版

強大的媒體播放器 Zoom Player MAX 14.5 Build 1450 中文多語免費版

作者:大眼仔~旭 日期:6個月前 (01-17) 圍觀:56887+ 評論:7 條

摘要:Zoom Player Max 14.1 中文多語免費版?今天小編(www.3x6.com.cn)大眼仔~旭給大家分享一款非常棒的媒體播放器,Zoom Player MAX 14 中文免費版是由 inmatrix 公司開發一款加強型播放器擁有最強大的 Direct Show 濾鏡/分離器控制系統使您可以隨心所欲的定義…

Zoom Player Max 14.1 中文多語免費版?今天小編(www.3x6.com.cn)大眼仔~旭給大家分享一款非常棒的媒體播放器,Zoom Player MAX 14 中文免費版是由 inmatrix 公司開發一款加強型播放器擁有最強大的 Direct Show 濾鏡/分離器控制系統使您可以隨心所欲的定義播放環節中的每一個技術細節.強大的 OSD 屏幕狀態顯示功能.豐富的細致的系統細節設置考慮到了幾乎所有人使用習慣問題.豐富的 DVD 章節控制和編輯功能使您充分享受到 DVD 的互動樂趣.他根據消除 OverScan 來提升畫面輸出的品質,括支持 MPEG4 的格式如 DivX PG、ASF、AVI 等及全屏幕、播放列表等外,還包括好用的控制 BAR 及使用背景顏色來測試顯示器的明亮度功能。

Zoom Player MAX 中文免費版

Zoom Player MAX 中文注冊版在 Windows PC 平臺是最強大的,靈活的和可定制的媒體播放器應用程序。根據我們的高度智能播放技術,更多的媒體格式播放支持,提高了穩定性和更高的性能。

Zoom Player MAX ?中文注冊版擁有經典媒體播放器的外觀,隱藏設計有一個簡單的5鍵(上/下/左/右/選擇)全屏導航界面功能強大的媒體中心應用程序。 5 – 關鍵系統提供簡單的導航擁有先進的接口。接口如媒體庫,文件瀏覽器,播放列表,色彩控制,音頻均衡器,書簽,播放歷史等等。變焦播放器的媒體中心簡單性使得它非常適合用戶以前沒有電腦的經驗。

Zoom Player MAX 中文注冊版您可以立即轉換任何PC變成家庭娛樂中心(HTPC),沒有專門的硬件要求和操作系統。變焦播放器與運行的每一個版本的Windows。

使用 Zoom Player MAX ?中文版的模塊化設計和靈活性,您可以輕松地設計一個安全的觀看環境,限制或擴展功能,使得它非常適合新手和專業人士。

Zoom Player MAX 中文注冊版是完全可擴展的,支持最新媒體格式和接口。新功能包含不斷與發布時間表和功能集成明確宣布對我們的支持論壇,Twitter和Facebook頁面。

Zoom Player MAX 中文注冊版安裝中心快速掃描您的系統丟失或過時的媒體組件,并自動推薦更新的安裝目錄為您介紹,使您的系統保持最新與最新的技術。

DVD,藍光(解密主要影片播放)的Matroska(MKV),MPEG2傳輸(TS/TP/TSP/TRP/M2T/M2TS/MTS/PVA/TOD),H.264和AVCHD格式(MPEG4 AVC),XVID,DIVX ,AVI,Flash視頻(FLV)時,Windows Media(WMV / ASF),的QuickTime(MOV/ HDMOV),奧格電影(OGM),Theora格式(遠洋船),Real Media格式(RM / RMVB),影像光盤(VCD),超級VCD (SVCD),MPEG(MPG),MPEG2節目(M2V/VOB/MOD),MPEG4(SP/ ASP),ISO的MPEG4(MP4),媒體中心硬盤錄像機(DVR-MS),攝像機(MOD/ TOD),數字視頻(DV),VP3,VP6,VP7,動態JPEG(MJPEG),閃存(SWF),手機3GPP(3GP/3G2),FLIC(FLI/ FLC)等等。 。 。

Zoom Player MAX 中文注冊版支持的音頻格式:
支持MP3,免費的無損音頻編解碼器(FLAC),高級音頻編碼(AAC),Windows媒體(WMA),Ogg Vorbis格式(OGG),CD-音頻(CDA),杜比數字(AC3),數字影院環繞聲(DTS)的Matroska (MKA),波形音頻(WAV),Shoutcast一樣(流媒體),手機(AMR),猴音頻(APE),Real Media格式(RA),MusePack(MPC),OptimFROG(OFR),縮短(SHN),真聲(TTA),WavPack的(WV),蘋果無損音頻編碼(ALAC),LPCM,MIDI,AIFF,MO3,IT,XM,S3M,MTM,UMX等…

Zoom Player MAX ?中文免費版

Zoom Player MAX 中文注冊版支持交互式格式:

Zoom Player MAX ?中文注冊版支持圖片格式:


Zoom Player Max 14.4 更新日志 :
* Initial support for the AV1 video compression format:
AOMedia Video 1 (AV1), is an open, royalty-free video coding format designed for video transmissions over the Internet. It is being developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), a consortium of firms from the semiconductor industry, video on demand providers,and web browser developers, founded in 2015.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AV1
The AV1 codec should eventually provide a 20% superior image quality/bitrate compared to HEVC (H.265).
* New “Run Application” media library plugin that lets you run applications and scripts directly from a media library category thumbnail.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface), Station manager should stay on top of other application when switching to fullscreen mode.
* New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback), Load .URL files as streaming media (otherwise load as web page).
* New (Adv. Options / Playback) “On play complete” option to execute an application or script as soon as the playlist completes playing.

+ Media library meta-data scraping had issues with long file paths and URLs (over 200 characaters, depending on Zoom Player’s installation path) due to an early design decision to make the cached entries easy to identify using their file names and URL addresses.
However, to this day, windows does not support paths longer than 255 characters correctly. As a work-around, if a long file name or url is processed, the cache mechanism now uses a short hash instead of the full file name or url.
+ Enhanced support for RSS feed thumbnails. More thumbnails should show up when adding RSS feeds as media library categories (including more category thumbnail for feeds that support them).
+ If an RSS Feed has multiple entries with the same publish date, the entries will now be second-level sorted by URL.
+ The number of RSS entries cached by the media library plugin has been raised from 2000 to 5000.
+ Two Sonique visualization resolution settings have changed from an aspect ratio of 4:3 to 16:9 : 320×240 -> 320×180 640×480 -> 640×360
This change may not be reflected in the drop-down list if you are not using an updated language pack, but this is just cosmetic, the new resolutions are set according to the numbers above.
+ Enhanced the SHOUTcast station sorting.+ When downloading playlists, Zoom Player now uses the windows temp folder instead of the ‘my documents’.
+ When playing archive files (zip/rar), the archive is now extracted to the windows temp folder instead of ‘my documents’.
+ Meta-data returned when playing streaming audio is now trimmed to remove superfluous spaces before/after the returned text.

– A race condition caused the scrape manager thread not to signal it is terminating correctly, causing Zoom Player to freeze on exit.
– The media library playlist plugin now supports playlist URLs longer than 255 characters long.
– RSS feeds containing a special unicode line-break character in the description would trigger a freeze when opening the RSS media library category a second time.
– Enabling the “Share Play History at a custom path” setting and not specifying a trailing “\” in the folder name would cause the play history to be saved incorrectly.
– The “Continue to the next Playlist item when an invalid file is played” setting would skip tracks if the unplayable media was the last playlist entry.
– Opening a playlist from the file-open dialog would not always preserve the active playlist entry as specified in the playlist file.
– Some unicode characters did not show up correctly in the playlist editor and music OSD if the selected font did not support the characters. Now a different windows text-rendering function is used, one that takes unsupported character from a system-default font.
– When including an executable entry in the playlist, playback did not progress to the next track correctly and would cause the wrong title to appear in the playlist editor.
– Playing an audio file with visualization could cause the right click menu to show multiple “close navigator” entries when right-clicking on a fullscreen navigation interface.
– The SHOUTcast station browser would show duplicate entries after opening the dialog multiple times on different days.
– When playing SHOUTcast/ICEcast streams, playing the next track would cause the previously playing title to overwrite the new track’s title in the playlist editor.
– Opening a streaming URL from clipboard (Alt+Ctrl+”U”) failed to work if the URL was a playlist.
– Pressing the “Play (add to playlist)” button while a navigation interface was visible and the “Stop closes the navigation interfaces” setting was enabled prevented playback of the station from starting.
– Parsing “.CUE” files failed when the an entry contained the word “TRACK” in either the performer or title tags.

安裝主程序,再安裝 zp_simpchinese910.exe 語言包,打開軟件,在播放器界面,右鍵,選擇選項,設置簡體中文語言即可。


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