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光盤映像管理工具 IsoBuster Pro 4.4 中文多語免費版

光盤映像管理工具 IsoBuster Pro 4.4 中文多語免費版

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摘要:IsoBuster Pro 4.4 中文多語免費版 光盤映像管理工具由大眼仔旭(www.3x6.com.cn)發布。IsoBuster Pro 是一個屢獲殊榮的,高度專業化的和易于使用的 CD,DVD和藍光(BD,HD - DVD)的數據恢復工具.它支持所有CD / DVD/ BD/ HD DVD的格式和所有常見的文…

IsoBuster Pro 4.4 中文多語免費版 光盤映像管理工具大眼仔旭(www.3x6.com.cn)發布。IsoBuster Pro 是一個屢獲殊榮的,高度專業化的和易于使用的 CD,DVD和藍光(BD,HD – DVD)的數據恢復工具.它支持所有CD / DVD/ BD/ HD DVD的格式和所有常見的文件系統……挽救一個壞的或丟棄的CD或DVD光盤中的文件,保存重要文件,珍貴的圖片,家庭視頻,你唯一的系 統,…. IsoBuster都可以做到.

IsoBuster Pro 注冊版

Isobuster Pro Pro?是一個能夠將TAO、DAO、ISO、BIN、IMG、CIF、FCD等鏡象文件內容直接抓取出來的免費工具。IsoBuster支持各種軟件所制作的鏡象文件,有Nero、Duplicator、BlindRead、Easy-CD Creator、CDR-Win、Virtual CD-ROM、CloneCD 等,還可以將 Video CD 的 DAT 文件轉換成 MPG 文件。

Isobuster Pro 中文版,一般想要拷貝加密的影音光盤是件比較麻煩的事,通常采用反編譯軟件去除加密代碼或用nero保存軌道等方法,但對于一般新手可能望而生畏,而且有些雙重加密的光盤用上述方法就更吃力了。在前一段時間里我在研究如何最快速的方法復制或提取加密光盤的內容時發現了這個強力東東:IsoBuster。此軟件原是用在提取鏡象文件內容的,后測試發現它可提取加密的影音光盤內容,支持拖放,菜鳥級操作,方便之極!

IsoBuster Pro 中文注冊版

IsoBuster Pro IsoBuster是一款CD/DVD數據恢復工具,它能夠從一個壞的CD或DVD中恢復丟失的文件。它支持所有基本的的CD和DVD格式和文件系統。在新版本中提供了下列增強:提供了對Mac文件系統(HFS和HFS+)的支持;支持MAC *.DMG映像文件;后臺運行的新代碼能夠檢查軟件升級;支持對幫助文件的語言選擇;能夠指定臨時文件夾;支持雙層DVD-R。


I’m very happy to announce the Beta release of IsoBuster 4.4.

Last few months’ effort went almost exclusively to the analyzing and ultimately implementing of a plethora of HDD Video Recorders. Not only did every brand use its own proprietary format, almost all families or ranges of recorders for a brand were different as well, so it was quite the effort. As a result IsoBuster shows and allows to fully extract the files and folders from the recorder HDDs with focus on the mpeg video recordings and their names, but also time and date etc.

But that is not all. As usual there are plenty of other improvements, fixes and new functionality as well.

Changes / New:

Support for Toshiba HDD recorders (RD-XS32, RD-XS52, RD-XS34, RD-XV34, RD-XS54, RD-XS35, RD-XS55)
Support for Pioneer HDD recorders (DVR-510, DVR-520, DVR-530, DVR-630, DVR-531, DVR-533, DVR-633, DVR-540, DVR-543, DVR-640, DVR-450, DVR-550, DVR-650, DVR-555, DVR-460, DVR-560, DVR-660, LX60D, LX61D, LX70)
Support for Sony HDD recorders that mimic (or under the hood are) Pioneers (RDR-HX750, RDR-HX780)
Support for Panasonic HDD recorders (DMR-E80H, DMR-E100H, DMR-E85H, DMR-E96H, DMR-E500H, DMR-EH50, DMR-EH60, DMR-EH55, DMR-EH75V, DMR-EH55, DMR-EH75, DMR-EH58, DMR-EH68, DMR-EH59, DMR-EH69, DMR-BS750, DMR-BS850, DMR-BS780, DMR-BS880, DMR-BS785, DMR-BS885)
Support for Philips HDD recorders (DVDR-3575H, DVDR-3576H)
Support for Magnavox HDD recorders (H2160MW9, MDR-513H, MDR-515H, MDR-533H, MDR-535H, MDR-537H)
Support for RCA DRC8030N HDD recorder
Support for LiteOn HDD recorders (LVW-5045, ILO DVDRHD04)
Support for Medion MD 81888 HDD recorder (which is really a LiteOn under the hood)
It is entirely possible that other Sony, Medion, LG or other brand drives should be listed here as well if they are rebranded models from above list
The IBP/IBQ Image file manager can now Import and Export lists of sectors for super easy engineering
Option to find and enumerate optical drives with media that is not CD, DVD, BD media with tracks and sessions, such as MO and PD media that contains partitions and generic non-optical file systems
Support for the Atari ST *.st image file

Ability to clone to a device with different block size. For instance from a virtualized 2K device to a 512-byte device
Added “Offset:”, “StreamCnt:”, “ExtentCnt:”, “MemberCnt:” and “UnreadableCnt:” to the Search bar functionality
Improved ‘ESC’ key use during dialogs that have a default action defined
The ‘F5’ key now always refreshes the content, no matter what IsoBuster object is selected (Tree or ListView or …)
‘F5’ or the Refresh button clicked during a ‘Find’ will ask if Find can be interrupted or not
‘F5’ or the Refresh button clicked when recovered file systems are present will ask for confirmation
Ctrl-Shift ‘D’ Toggles CD/DVD Open/Close tray or Image file close
Allow more custom defined export lists (20 instead of 10)
Implemented support for a fragmented DVD-VR’s MNGR IFO file
Do not consider a MS virtual CD/DVD drive an old style SCSI device (affects type of SCSI commands being used)
Changed the Manual retry approach on erroneous sectors to keep the dialog up while retrying
Small DVD-VR vs. HDD-VR detection improvements
Improvement for bad behaving drivers that report incorrect byte alignment requirements. Seen on Tablet PCs with 32GB eMMC
Implemented Tree export commands {%ONLYREADABLE}, {%ONLYUNREADABLEBLOCKS}, {%ONLYSELF}, {%ISO8601(D)}, <%READABLE> to the file export functionality
Reports can now use <%%(F)> and <%TOT%(F)> to show 2 digits behind the comma for the percentage of readable blocks
Implemented Tree export commands {%BLOCKS}, {%BLOCK} and <%BLOCKLOOP> to the file export functionality to be able to build lists of blocks per object
Implemented Tree export command {%BLOCKSINRANGES} to the file export functionality to display ranges rather than a single address on every line (when exporting {%BLOCKS})
Implemented Tree export commands <%IF>, <%DO>, <%ELSE> and <%ENDIF> but also <%CI>, <%WC>, <%RE>, <%=>, <%>>, <% <>, <%>=> and <% <=> to the file export functionality to be able to generate conditional text based on the object’s properties
Keep track of GEMDOS created FAT 12/16 FS via the file system <%CREATOR> field and the file system Properties dialog
Give (debug) *.ibadr and *.ibdat files a unique name so that files don’t get overwritten all the time.
Improved breadcrumb control GUI when using the classic theme
Improved breadcrumb control functionality on Windows 2000
IsoBuster can allocate even more memory now (on 64 bit systems) and is easily able to deal with millions of objects
Plenty of other improvements, changes and re-writes in the core code / engine, as this is a living project and to deal with the ever growing new functionality
Various other GUI improvements

Make sure command line parameter /d:* works again
Fixed the FAT file system’s use of the FAT-table (and because of it the ability to find extents) when the device blocksize is 512 and the FAT-native blocksize is 4096 (should actually not be a real life situation, but encountered during development)
Fixed high contrast (for the vision impaired) for all OS and use the best color for the Breadcrumb control
Fixed a rare crash when scanning for lost UDF files and folders
Fixed a hard to reproduce hang when exploring folders in TreeView while a Search was in progress that also wanted to expand the same folder


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